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DFD Luxury Wheels

DFD Luxury Wheels
Please Note: DFD Wheels Displayed on this Page
May Be Discontinued and Unavailable
DFD Luxury Wheels, fine designed wheels, DFD-010 through DFD-090 are the first
of many styles to come with large 5 lips in 22 and 24 diameters with mid and high
offsets. DFD Wheels will launch 20 more new designs to accommodate 20x8.25,
20x10 staggered fitments for Mustangs & Corvettes, and 22x8.5, 22x10 staggered
fitments for BMW and Mercedes. DFD Wheels expands to sizes 24, 26, and 28,
and will fit may other vehicles at affordable prices, DFD Wheels also offer 20x10 and
22x10 5-lug wheels for trucks and the 4-wheel drive market. Check out DFD Wheels.
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