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Avat Wheels

Avat AV3 Machined Black
Avat AV3
Machined Black
19X8.5, 19X9.5
Avat AV3 Matte Black with Machined Undercut
Avat AV3
Matte Black w/Undercut
20X8.5, 20X9.5, 20X10.5
Avat AV4 Black Machined
Avat AV4
Black Machined
18X8, 19X8.5, 19X9.5
Avat AV5 Black Machined
Avat AV5
Black Machined
18X8, 19X8.5, 19X9.5, 20X8.5

Avat Wheels offer quality and attractive one-piece cast aluminum alloy wheels in a variety of painted finishes
for passenger cars. Striving to provide quality wheels and innovative designs in staggered wheel applications,
Avat Wheels produces some of the most highest quality, professional-grade street wheels on the road.
Compare Avat Wheels quailty and prices to some of the most popular name brand custom wheels.
Then choose Avat Wheels for your vehicle. Customized Avat wheel and tire packages are also available.
Avat AV11 Machined Black Wheels
Avat AV11
Machined Black
208.5, 2010, 229, 2210.5
Avat AV12 Machined Black Wheels
Avat AV12
Machined Black
208.5, 2010, 229, 2210.5
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